80s New Romantic. Male (Wigs) - Male - One Size

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80s New Romantic. Male (Wigs) - Male - One Size

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80's New Romantic. Male.

Men's New Romantic Wig From The 80s When Massive Bleached Hair Was The Thing And If It Had A Bit Of A Mullet Going On, Even Better. For 80s Fancy Dress Just Roll Up The Sleeves Of Your Jacket And Hems Of Your Baggy Trousers, Wear A Cotton Square Scarf Around Your Neck And Put On A Little Bit Of Guyliner. Oh, Those Were The Days. Sigh. Duran Duran, Miami Vice, Moonlighting With Bruce Willis And Sybil Shepherd. I Think Even Bono Had Hair Like This In 1982 .

Male - Adult - One Size

Colour : Blonde/Brown.

Product Code : BW693
Product Code BW693
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